Thursday, February 12, 2009

Which one?

Here's a situation where the concept seems like a great idea, but the end result is a hot mess, too hilarious, like Crocs. If you have seen the infomercials you know what I am talking about....The snuggie. I laugh every time I think of it and say the name. I don't know which is worse the name or the look. But wait, not only can you get the Snuggie, you have other can get the Slanket, or the Nuddle. I think one of the main differences is in the materials used and price.

The Nuddle is the most expensive at $98.00 but I think it looks the best, doesn't have the Wizard look because it just has slits for your arms, an outer hand pocket and a foot pocket. Its made of microfiber and comes in two neutral colors of latte and chocolate. I think $98 is a little hefty pricetag though. They are offering 20% for Valentines day though.

The slanket is another alternative , is made of polar fleece microfiber and cost $44.95 for adults and $29.95. It comes in about 12 colors and a portion of the proceeds do go to charity.

Now for the most well known, the Snuggie, it's being proclaimed as the "Hottest New Product". The Snuggie is $19.95 and its made of fleece and comes in 3 colors, Burgundy, Royal Blue and Sage Green. You will get also get a free book light when you order one, (oh joy!). Oh and buy one get one free, so you can share the love.

Seriously, I think if the Nuddle was not $98 bucks I would buy it. I am cold all the time. I like the slits and the foot pocket. I think the texture is better, it just seems like a better quality. The Slanket is much longer, more blanket-like but the sleeves are too big. I am kind of diminutive in stature so that would swallow me up and I would have Slanket all over the place. The infomercial on the Snuggie alone turns me off. I don't ever want to see more than one person wearing it at a sporting event. You will look like you are in a cult. For some reason it just has that cheap factor. It just reminds me of a really long backwards bathrobe. I guess its just the newest "it" think out there, either way it is too funny. Here's a funny article which mentions all three products. (for some reason I can't link anything in my posts.) I am having some issues.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Change, done well

Courtesy of the So Haute Blog , here are some great ways to wear your heart on other places than your sleeve. These are stylish ways to show your support for our new President. I especially love the Tory Burch Obama tote, Rachel Roy Scarf and Zac Posen tee. These items can be purchased at All made in the USA too! Also, if you need refreshing on Obama-Biden agenda for the country please visit, it has links to his proposals on everything from Healthcare, to the Economy, and Iraq, very user friendly.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Well, I have made the commitment to blog more, take those random thoughts and ideas and articulate them more (or not, for the good of the community!).I wonder does anyone know I am out here? Am I doing this thing right? I hope it will be more successful for me, because I am a design/decor junkie and I love discussing decor, travel and such. More posts to come, signing off for the moment....

Monday, November 24, 2008


So I was in L.A. a couple of months ago, and I had on my agenda to visit so many places, try out different things, but the dilemma was that I was really only staying for 2 days. Anyway, coming from the Midwest, I had to try Pinkberry and Sprinkles cupcakes. Well, the Pinkberry was delicious. But the Sprinkles, not so much. After standing in a line that seemed liked it was longer than Bush's presidency finally we reached the counter. I guess just the anticipation of waiting in that line and all the "hype", I was let down. It was the end of the night though, and perhaps it was their last batch. The best meal I had though in my short stay was at Geisha House. I loved the Grilled Prime Filet of Kobe Beef. One of the best parts of the trips, was going to the "Alley" downtown. Yes I know there's a lot of counterfeiting,but for little trinkets, and gifts it was bomb!! All in all L.A. was fun, I want to go back strictly for decor shopping though. I saw so many vintage and antique stores, but it was just not on the agenda this time.

The Classics. Real-World furniture Icon.

With recession talk looming everywhere and the demise of so many shelter magazines, everything seems so gloomy, I wondered what's the one affordable piece of decor or furniture that I felt would last forever. (Forever for me meaning, It would live through my constant, changing, rearranging and updating). I am so fickle when it comes to decor. But on that note, I would like to say that I am pretty satisfied with the purchase of my West Elm Parsons desk in Glossy White. I know there has been some disparaging views on the quality of West Elm items, and I have witnessed that firsthand. With that said, I absolutely love my Parsons desk and as I move on I know there will be a place for it. I hope it lasts that long. When I purchased my Parsons desk, I was torn when I found out like two days later a Parsons Mini desk came out. But then I thought naah...I'll go for the full size, since it can be used as a console in an entryway or behind a sofa. The Mini would be nice in a small space though. I love the clean lines and the glossy black color!! It's haute! Bottom line the West Elm Parsons desk is a classic and is a versatile piece that will go with a multitude of decor styles. Just open up a friggin issue of Domino and its plastered all over the place. But don't hold that against it.