Monday, November 24, 2008


So I was in L.A. a couple of months ago, and I had on my agenda to visit so many places, try out different things, but the dilemma was that I was really only staying for 2 days. Anyway, coming from the Midwest, I had to try Pinkberry and Sprinkles cupcakes. Well, the Pinkberry was delicious. But the Sprinkles, not so much. After standing in a line that seemed liked it was longer than Bush's presidency finally we reached the counter. I guess just the anticipation of waiting in that line and all the "hype", I was let down. It was the end of the night though, and perhaps it was their last batch. The best meal I had though in my short stay was at Geisha House. I loved the Grilled Prime Filet of Kobe Beef. One of the best parts of the trips, was going to the "Alley" downtown. Yes I know there's a lot of counterfeiting,but for little trinkets, and gifts it was bomb!! All in all L.A. was fun, I want to go back strictly for decor shopping though. I saw so many vintage and antique stores, but it was just not on the agenda this time.

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