Thursday, February 12, 2009

Which one?

Here's a situation where the concept seems like a great idea, but the end result is a hot mess, too hilarious, like Crocs. If you have seen the infomercials you know what I am talking about....The snuggie. I laugh every time I think of it and say the name. I don't know which is worse the name or the look. But wait, not only can you get the Snuggie, you have other can get the Slanket, or the Nuddle. I think one of the main differences is in the materials used and price.

The Nuddle is the most expensive at $98.00 but I think it looks the best, doesn't have the Wizard look because it just has slits for your arms, an outer hand pocket and a foot pocket. Its made of microfiber and comes in two neutral colors of latte and chocolate. I think $98 is a little hefty pricetag though. They are offering 20% for Valentines day though.

The slanket is another alternative , is made of polar fleece microfiber and cost $44.95 for adults and $29.95. It comes in about 12 colors and a portion of the proceeds do go to charity.

Now for the most well known, the Snuggie, it's being proclaimed as the "Hottest New Product". The Snuggie is $19.95 and its made of fleece and comes in 3 colors, Burgundy, Royal Blue and Sage Green. You will get also get a free book light when you order one, (oh joy!). Oh and buy one get one free, so you can share the love.

Seriously, I think if the Nuddle was not $98 bucks I would buy it. I am cold all the time. I like the slits and the foot pocket. I think the texture is better, it just seems like a better quality. The Slanket is much longer, more blanket-like but the sleeves are too big. I am kind of diminutive in stature so that would swallow me up and I would have Slanket all over the place. The infomercial on the Snuggie alone turns me off. I don't ever want to see more than one person wearing it at a sporting event. You will look like you are in a cult. For some reason it just has that cheap factor. It just reminds me of a really long backwards bathrobe. I guess its just the newest "it" think out there, either way it is too funny. Here's a funny article which mentions all three products. (for some reason I can't link anything in my posts.) I am having some issues.

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Misti of Studio M Designs said...

O.K. this is hilarious! My husband and I joke about the Snuggie all the time! Yesterday I made my own, because I was freezing sitting at my desk reading all of these darn blogs. My husband, of course, says "yeah who's laughing at the snuggie now?"
Haven't seen the others... I am dying to watch the Ellen video but I am afraid I might wake the kids and ruin my blogging time!
Thanks for making me laugh this Sunday morning!